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WEBINAR – LGBTQ Cultural Competence


Transgender and gender nonconforming identities have gained increasing visibility within recent years, and gender and sexuality both play a significant role in how social interactions are constructed for people of all identities. This webinar provides an overview of key concepts and social practices related to gender and sexuality, as well as stereotypes and barriers that LGBTQ individuals face both generally and when interacting with helping professionals specifically. The presenters will discuss specific strategies that behavioral and mental health professionals can employ to promote gender-affirming interactions with clients, their family members, staff, and others, as well the specific portions of four major ethical codes (BACB, APA, NASW, and NBCC) call for the development of LGBTQ cultural competence. Empirically supported literature and data will be presented where applicable and available, and questions and discussion will be welcomed throughout the training. Clinical scenarios and other active response opportunities will be provided.


Learning Objectives:


1. Select key differences between gender identity, sex assigned at birth, gender roles, gender expression/presentation, and sexual orientation.
2. State common stereotypes and barriers LGBTQ people face, and explain how these impact their experience of accessing mental and behavioral health services.
3. State or select the professional ethical guidelines that are applicable to LGBTQ cultural competence.
4. State several concrete strategies to apply to your professional work to be LGBTQ-affirming.

Earlier Event: March 5
Later Event: March 7